In Memory Of My Brother, My Friend, My Cousin By Glenda

From a construction tragedy during the building of Kennedy Space Center, my Uncle Herman “Son” Dierker and his family lost so much yet I gained 2 wonderful brothers. My Dad’s eldest brother “Son” was very seriously injured. His wife, Irene, made the difficult decision to send their 4 children to Kent Co., MD to live with Dierker family members as their Dad recovered.

For me, I don’t really remember much of my life before John and Bill arrived to be part of our family. Uncle Son, after approx. 5 yrs. of being hospitalized, was able to return home though for the remainder of his life he was paralyzed from the abdomen down. But that did not keep him from hunting, working, etc.  He died in 1968.

Through the years his sons John & Bill remained very close to my family and have always remained my ‘brothers’, no matter where they were living. My parents count them as their sons, their children my parents consider their grandchildren, etc. John, Bill and their families have in return treated my parents with the love, caring, trust and respect that should be given to parents. All this without distracting from what they did and gave during the life of their birth parents to care for and love them.

Bill served with honor in the U.S. Army spending a tour of duty during 1967-68 in Vietnam.

Now we are at a time when physically Bill is no longer with us. Bill took his last breath on this earth early on Jan. 12, 2012. In Oct. 2011, we learned that Bill had stage 4 cancer – bone, liver and lungs. He remained at home and when he peacefully passed away, in his home were those closest to him as they had been for days. Throughout his life, Bill showed great will power. He mixed that with his very deep love and devotion for his wife Helen, their son, Bill, Jr. and Bill, Jr. family. Bill was such a proud Pop-Pop!

Bill was someone that you didn’t need to constantly be around to know he would be there for you. Family, friend or customer, Bill Dierker was loyal and ready to help. He always had some sort of joke, prank or other means of giving those he cared about a friendly ‘hard time’. And then he would be so innocent about it – dry humor and always with a smile or laugh. He gave everyone he knew a smile while sharing his laid back and kind personality. Traits that he shared with older brother John, And if you know Ronnie, you know his sense of humor.

John and Bill homes are in the same neighborhood of Pasadena, MD, their children and grandchildren were at home with either. They shared a business, which they had just closed in late summer 2011 after many years of working together. Bill loved John and his family only after his own. Their spouses are close friends as is their sister, Betty and her family. The stories that Betty and I have shared of the pranks and good times! But those stories do not come close to matching all the hunting stories. Bill had a great love for nature, the outdoors and hunting, especially deer hunting. With retirement John and Bill were planning even more time at their property here on the Eastern Shore.

Besides his immediate family as mentioned above, Bill leaves many relatives and friends. John’s wife Barb and their children, John, Jr. (Michelle) and daughter, Ida, Leah Marie Dierker White (Rick) and children Duston and Selena.  His birth siblings, Betty Dierker Anderson (Albert) and her family, and Donnie Dierker. My parents, Arthur & Phyllis Elburn Dierker, my brother, Ronnie Dierker (Gail) and his family and myself and my family. Bill and I had the privilege of being godparents to nephew, Danny Dierker. Bill’s surviving ‘Dierker’ cousins are Billy Hynson (Frances), Richard Gerald Hynson (Rae), Carol Legg Kendall (Denny), Henry Dierker, Jr. (Linda), Larry Legg (Susan) and Karen Dierker Spies (Donald “Bunk”). Each of us have our own happy memories. With Bill, our memories bring smiles or laughs plus love and honesty. He left us true gifts!

We don’t pick our family. I’m told that family members are not always friends. I have been triply blessed! Bill and I were born as cousins into a family of relatives who were/are friends. Then we shared life as siblings. That could have ended. The friendship could have ended. Neither ended.

Bill had a great appreciation for the blessings given us by our Lord, especially family, friends and farm/woodland. Looking forward to one day again being with Bill in the beautiful land where nature is so much more than here we can even envision.

Cancer took Bills body, but it cannot take all he has given us. There is too much to list. We carry with us his love, his joy and fun in living and his determination plus so much more.

My Brother, My trusted Friend, my Cousin – Bill

My Cousin, My trusted Friend, my Brother – Bill

My trusted Friend, my Cousin, my Brother – Bill

Three times the grief and loss!

Carrying with me three times the blessings!

Thank you for taking time to read just a little about the life of a wonderful man who was and is a gift from our Heavenly Father to the Dierker family.

Glenda Marie Dierker

Dierker Farms, Rock Hall, MD



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    Very nice Glenda

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    This was very nice. I can feel the love in this post.